Wednesday 23 September 2015

Renewed Enthusiasm For My Project?

This week there have been a couple of events that *may* help reignite my motivation for my Anima Tactics project.

The first was the arrival my order of the recent releases of Anaximenes, Nimrod, Sharsha 'Friedegunde' and September. After the announcement that Anima Tactics would become a web-only line, and then the inertia of releases from Cipher Studios, when they finally became available I ordered them immediately. Another seven weeks or so passed and my enthusiasm for painting Anima Tactics waned week by week, before they arrived against my expectations on Monday this week.

In addition, the latest update to the Anima: Gate of Memories Extended Campaign (the Kickstarter campaign for an Anima video game) this week announced that the next update will show the 'greens for the Bearer and the Nameless minis. We have seen the Bearer already, but the Nameless will be a new thing to see.

With these two events I can feel a little renewed enthusiasm. and after starting to de-flash some of the new arrivals, I may use painting one of them to try and spur me into painting more of my Anima Tactics backlog.

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