Sunday 25 March 2012

Taking Stock

I have been prepping another few minis over the past 2 days, which should give me plenty of choices to start painting.

I count around 124 minis in the range, including at least 2 limited edition minis.

So taking stock of where I am at suggests I should have enough painting to keep me busy for a while and yields the following lists.

Under-coated I have ready:
  • Dereck Shezzard
  • Hiro
  • Grey
  • Akio Kageshima
  • Dark Cheshire
  • Bael
  • Genma
  • Kingsley Warlock

Prepped but awaiting a little green stuff and under-coat:
  • Al-Djinn
  • Ahriman, Lord of Darkness
  • Covel
  • Shinobi
  • Ignis, Fire Demon
  • Bella
  • Aqua

In the pile of stuff in boxes and blisters:
  • Legacy of Solomon
  • Romeo Exxet
  • Faust Orbatos
  • Clover
  • Arkham
  • Type 005 (blister)
  • Type 005 (Black Sun starter)
  • Alius, Holy Soldier (x2)
  • Khaine D'Lacreu
  • Li Long
  • Sophia Ilmora
  • Kairos
  • Saint Evangeline
  • Kronen Roxxon
  • Promethea
  • Styx
  • Tsubasa Kurokami
  • Ophiel
  • (another) Akio Kageshima
  • Samael Agent (F)
  • Samael Agent (M)
  • Church Agent (M)
  • Wissenschaft Agent (M)

Saturday 24 March 2012


Something I started with my Pulp City stuff was using resin bases. Over time I started to be more selective and specific in matching certain base styles to certain models, although overall a bit of a random selection has been used I guess. Through it all the same grey colour has been used meaning that the bases may look more cohesive as a result. That grey colour will carry over to here.

Learning from that, I chose specific base styles for each Organization (Organizations are basically cohesive forces with a common background, and there are Wanderers who belong to no specific Organisation; the Factions cover the 3 affinities in the game - Light, Dark and Neutral; the Factions/affinities are represented through all of the Organisations - there are no all-good or all-bad guys here.

Consequently I settled on basing according to Organization for the most part, treating Wanderers as a single group here. Summons are supernatural creatures invoked by Summoners who manifest only temporarily in the material worl; for them I have decided to follow the basing for certain Organisations.

Bases Styles
1. Azur - a nascent empire that is emerging to rival the long-standing power of Abel; bases are 'Stone floor' by Dragon Forge, chosen as I thought it helps represent the sense of order and newness I can see with Azur.
2. Wissenschaft - this secretive Organization is constantly researching and discovering; these cobblestone bases (Fenris) should give a more modern feel than the other choices.
3. Samael - a secret society of supernatural entities, banded together against the hostility of much of the human world; I chose a slate/rocks style to represent a more nature-themed force (this base Model Display Products; I am also using some Micro Arts Studio bases).
4. Abel - the declining empire of Abel, pressed on many sides; I chose Dragon Forge's Ancient City Ruins to refelct an Organization that is steeped in history and has seen better days.
5. The Church - intrinsically linked with Abel, but an influential Organization in its own right, and within its duties chooses to hunt the supernatural; I went for an irregular stone-work style to make them look older than the Azur, and the base shown is Dragon Forge's Square Cut Slate, but I am also mixing some similar Fenris bases in as well.
6. Black Sun - a corporation secretly dealing with supernatural artefacts, and in particular necromantic weapons; Broken Wasteland bases by Dragon Forge just seemed to fit best suggesting ruin.
7. Wanderers - not an Organisation, but the name attached to those outside of the major Organisations; I chose Forgotten Empires by Dragon Forge since they have an exotic almost alien feel, and so will stand out against the rest.

Light Summons - will be as the Church (Square Cut Slate).
Neutral Summons - will be as Wanderers (Forgotten Empires).
Dark Summons - will be as Samael (slate style).

Friday 23 March 2012

First Batch Of Minis Prepped

Okay, Anima Tactics could be a real obsession for me. If any one reading this has followed my Pulp City-related blog (Pulp Citizen), then you may be aware that I have taken a completist approach to collecting and painting that range. Anima Tactics could be next in line.

While I doubt I will immerse myself in AT quite as fully as with Pulp City (not least that I am part of the Pulp City Games Development Team), I hope to make real in-roads into the collection of minis I have already amassed for this game. Thankfully the rate of release by Cipher studios seems pretty slow - so that should synchronize well with my general speed of painting then!

I have a lot to learn about the Anima Tactics setting, game and mythology, although I have read the lavish hardback rule-book cover to cover a couple of times already. So this blog will chart my foray into this line, setting and game.

The first batch of minis has been prepped and can be seen below. These have not been selected for any other reason than most are only single or two-part, and give me a cross-section of design types to choose from.

The minis are:
1. Genma - Neutral Samael Mystic; Summoner.
2. Grey - Light Church Warrior.
3. Covel - Neutral Samael Optional Leader Mystic; Summoner.
4. Dereck Shezard - Neutral Wanderer Warrior; the latest Godkiller.
5. Dark Cheshire - Dark Samael Warrior.
6. Akio Kageshima - Neutral Wanderer Mystic.
7. Bael - Dark Samael Mystic.
8. Hiro - Light Wissenschaft Warrior; "Ranger Avenger".
9. Kingsley Warlock - Dark Black Sun Warrior Mystic Controller.

Tuesday 20 March 2012

Welcome To The Anima Tactician

Not my first blog, nor my second, but one I am determined will chart a new minis pre-occupation for me: Anima Tactics.

It took a while to grab me, but Anima Tactics has done exactly that now, and so I am embarking on a journey to paint as many minis as I can for this game and see where I go with it.

Ever since Final Fantasy 7 I have had a degree of fondness of Japanese style console rpgs; enjoying FF8, Wild ARMS, Breath of Fire III among others. Anima Tactics is a tabletop skirmish game that captures the kind of game-play I enjoyed, with recognisable styles of characters, and best of all is a tabletop minis skirmish game that can be played with as few as 2 minis per side. All good.

I have selected the first 8 minis I plan to paint, so please watch this space.

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