Sunday 10 September 2017

Nostalgia Kicking In

I have been on a bit of an Anima Tactics nostalgia trip today, looking at artwork and cards for unreleased characters.

I love the Anima range of minis, I absolutely do, and wish they were still in production - that would help get me motivated to carry on painting them. I have a few which are part-painted and I hope to get some motivation to pick up brushes on some of those soon.

One of the problems for Anima as a brand is there is no real news. There have been hints that Anima Studios is entering into a renewed partnership with Edge Entertainment, with he first emphasis on the rpg line. However, the video game (Gate of Memories) has clearly been an anchor on other developments, taking so much longer to finish off than ever anticipated.

Right now the biggest positive step I wish for is the Gate of Memories physical rewards, but there is still no sign of those. The Extended Campaign Kickstarter page hasn't had an update in over 4 months which is a concerning sign. As it is, if Edge Entertainment are able to begin production on a successor edition to Anima Tactics, I do not foresee that before early to mid 2018 at the very earliest, possibly much later than that. Unfortunately hard information is pretty difficult to come by.

Saturday 7 January 2017

New Year, New Impetus?

Apologies that the blog has been dormant for so long. My hobby attention has been elsewhere and I failed to meet my small-ish target of of twelve Anima Tactics minis in 2016 and only finished one - due much to the lack of motivation that the lack the new releases or news creates.

In the past couple of weeks a picture has emerged of the casts of the Anima Tactics minis rewards from the Anima: Gate of Memories Kickstarter project. That has res-parked a little motivation for me, but whether it will be sufficient remains to be seen. The Nameless is on the left and The Bearer on the right.

Anima Tactics minis seem to be very scarce now, which is not unexpected. However, Anima Studios (seemingly calling itself Anima Project now) is showing increased signs of life with a Twitter account and a new Forum, and there have been assurances of progress on some kind of return for Anima Tactics which would be marvellous, even if logistically very challenging (I believe that the moulds and masters were with Cipher Studios, so bringing all those existing minis back into the game or a new version of the game could be very expensive).

On top of that, I managed to snag a rare unreleased mini last year, almost completing my collection.

I wait to see what 2017 holds, and i hope to paint more than one Anima Tactics mini in anticipation.

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