Friday 1 January 2016

Anima Tactician In 2015

2015 was a very lean year in my project to eventually paint at least one of every Anima Tactics miniature. I managed only 4 units in 2015, whereas in 2013 I painted 36, and in 2014 I painted 29.

On the plus side, I was especially please with how Adolf Brunner and Cordelia Rosalind turned out.

The wind was knocked out of my sails by the Cipher Studios announcement early in the year - my enthusiasm dwindled to almost nothing. I still want to finish the project, but 2018 is probably unrealistic now.

I have set a much more modest goal for 2016 than 2015, aiming to paint 12 units, or an average of 1 per month. Hopefully that target can be met and the project gets back on track in some form.

There is the possibility of an unofficial UK Ninja Division tournament in 2016, possibly including Anima Tactics. Add to that, there are rumours of a return of Anima Tactics in 2016 via a new edition, possibly under a new name, but what that means for the existing sculpts and their use in the rumoured new game is really unclear as yet.

Onward and upward.


  1. It is a shame what happened to both Helldorado and Anima Tactics. It only feeds the sellers on eBay.
    I can only hope they pick up Helldorado soon and rerelease Anima Tactics. Both are great games with magnificent miniatures

    Your Adolf and Cordelia look amazing by the way, love your alternate colours schemes.

    1. Thanks for the kind words Wouter. :)

      I have a pretty much complete AT collection thankfully, but I know what you mean about scarcity working well for sellers in the after-market. :(

  2. Fingers crossed your enthusiasm can pick back up again. Its a great game lets hope you have a better year in 2016.

    1. Cheers and I am hoping so. Maybe we can manage a game in the next few months? :)

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