Tuesday 17 December 2013

The Next 10 (4)

My most recent batch of 10 Anima Tactics minis all together. It has been approximately two months between my third 'Next 10' and this post; I seem to have picked up some recent momentum it would appear!

Thematically, this month saw a big push on Black Sun, and a lot of 'not-black' colour schemes, and so it hopefully looks like a big contrast to the last batch. Please forgive the picture; I struggled to get all of them in focus, due to depth and height - this was the best of around ten or so attempts.

As I mentioned in the Celia post, hitting a total of 40 minis feels significant to me, so that has been pleasing. I am now filled with belief that within three years I will have painted them all! Maybe...

Anyway, onward and upward, and here is looking forward to the fifth 'Next 10'.


  1. Thanks Ridmasta; I really am determined to try and paint one of every single model in this range. :)

  2. Nice! Im aiming for that with Bushido too, with these small sized skirmish games its a viable job

    1. Cool; will we get to see everything collectively when painted? Or at least faction shots in due course?

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks mate. :)

      Hopefully within 2-4 months there will be another 'Next 10' to join them. :)


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