Wednesday 24 July 2013

Wissenschaft Party

If you click I will grow
I plan to post Organization Party pictures every so often, when I get five or more painted for a specific Organization, and then maybe every two to three models hereafter.

First up is Wissenschaft. These models amount to 240 Levels, or 245 if Valis Ul Del Vilfain is used as an Optional Leader. I think games tend to be played at multiples of 100 Levels since many Party-building benefits kick in at those thresholds. So with these 5 units, I would be looking to add either a 55 Level Wanderer (Bella and Aqua are a good fit since as a Team they count as just a single Wanderer choice), or 55 Levels of Summons (maybe Lesser Hamadria and Elhaym, Maiden of Light). As my collection grows, there will be more options to bolster their ranks.


  1. They look great together nice job dude.

  2. Thanks Simon. I do hope to get some more done for this Organization soon, but also I hope to get my Empire up to 5 models as well. :)


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