Saturday 9 March 2013


Another one done. And with Bella's companion Aqua, the first complete Team I have painted.

I love the Bella mini, as it fits the style of the range so well (probably mainly due to the fact that one sculptor is responsible for the majority of the range), but there are some very fiddly bits which means my painting this time probably has been nowhere near as smooth as I would like. Shading wash is defintiely a bit deep around the eyes.

The final result is okay; not brilliant, but it will do, and another mini down.

Game-wise Bella is a Wanderer, which mean taking her (and Aqua - they are Constant Companions so they always form their Team) in an Organization Party will see her competing against other Wanderers. So far I only have Dereck Shezard in that position; however, I do have other Wanderers in the pipeline so usage will depend on a combination of games, maybe looking at faction Parties and effectiveness.

Bella's primary Attack is interesting because it has 7 special effects and the the player chooses 2 from that list each time. My quick arithmetic suggest 21 combinations, which could in theory make Bella a super-utility character.

I really must get a game in soon. need some volunteers...

Running Totals
Anima Tactics Minis: 73 (added: Janiel)
Anima Tactics Minis Painted: 9
Painted Minis Percentage: 12.3% (even with more and more new acquisitions I have continued to make progress)


  1. Thats a very nice mini love the pose on her, Nice brushwork mate!

  2. That blond hair is nice- how did you do that?

    Personally I wouldn't worry about the shading around the eyes. to me it looks like smoky-eye makeup (That's a technical term) But I think a bit of colour in her cheeks and lips might be nice.

    1. The blond hair was simple dry-brush progressions through some Vallejo colours.


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