Sunday 17 March 2013

The First Ten

The first in what I *hope* will be regular update summaries, chronicling my most recent batch of 10 minis for Anima Tactics, while giving me a nice group shot as a milestone.

I really am determined to paint one of every Anima Tactics mini, so it will be a long slog, no doubt about that!

I have tried doing something similar for Pulp City (click for my Pulp City blog), and with that project I am around 90-95% there at a guess. So it is doable, but only if I sustain progress. Last year was petty poor with only 24 minis completed. Already this year I am up to 11 completed minis; I would like to achieve 12 minis finished per 3 months across various genres and ranges, so thus far I am approximately on course with a couple of weeks to go in this first quarter.

In the painting queue for Anima Tactics I currently have: Yuki; Sarah Reindhold; Deimon; Genma; Saint Evangeline; Shinobi; and Valentine. However as my main gaming buddy will attest  stuff can drop in and out of that 'queue' quite randomly...

Anyway here is to 'the Next 10'; of those Drake is already finished so keep your eyes peeled!


  1. Sweet! Get cracking then with the last one then!

    1. The next one will be posted tomorrow, and some more are underway in the painting queue. :)


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