Saturday 23 August 2014

The Next 10 (6)

It has taken approximately four months to finish the latest ‘Next 10’. It isn't for want of motivation, but purely other commitments that have impacted on my painting time. However, with Reindhold done, that gets me to the magic 60 units painted.

Thankfully the rate of releases is so slow for Anima Tactics, that I don’t envisage getting too far behind any time soon! That said, I would sooner I was painting around three or so units per month. I hope to get one or two done next week, and there are a few that are not far from completion so that should be a realistic proposition.

My painting across all the ranges I like has dwindled this year. So far I have managed only 25 minis across all ranges (well slightly more than that, because I have painted 4 out of 5 models that comprise a single Anima Tactics unit, but until I finish the remaining model, I won’t show them off – I count all 5 pieces as a single mini for my totals). I am promising myself a strong finish to the year in the last two months.

I am pleased with the mix of this batch; 5 Organizations represented, as well as my first Gear (Gear Mk. Trithemius) and 3 Dark Summons. As for what is next? Stay tuned!


  1. Well done mate. 25 for the year isn't so bad we're on week 34 of the year? So your not far off one a week really. Great job dude. Plus you've been busy with real life stuff.

    1. Cheers mate; I hope to get a couple more done this week. :)

      Need to get you over for another game soon! :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Karlos. :)

      Hopefully one or two more can be done this week. :)


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