Friday 8 August 2014


All the Summons I have painted so far, in one group shot from the first I managed (Wrath of Nature) to the latest (a third Hellhound).

And yet again, I am reminded I need to get more Summoners painted! I also need to paint some more Light Summons, and I do have one part-done, so hopefully another will appear before too long.

On the whole my Anima Tactics project has struggled this year, primarily for other commitments such as coursework. So I have painted less than planned, but hopefully in August and October I can make some inroads into the backlog.


  1. You have still done really well!

    1. Cheers mate. Still, I would like to be further ahead than I am now. Managed to finish assembling a couple more in the past few days though. :)

  2. Nice painting! Better than mine D:


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