Wednesday 26 June 2013

The Next 10 (2)

20 minis down - who would have thought it?

I started this blog in March 2012, yet did not complete an Anima Tactics mini until December 2012, and since then have completed 20 minis (well 21, but that latest one has not been shown yet...).

As planned, and so far so good, with  each 'Next 10' I will gather up each full batch of 10 minis when completed which will give a narrative of sorts to my progress.

By my best guess there are currently 147 available Anima Tactics minis, and that number is set to continue to grow. I think I will be at least able to keep pace, but the real challenge will be sustaining the momentum of the past 7 months (roughly 3 minis per month as of the past few days), or better yet., exceeding that rate of completion. I am also still on course with my target across all lines as a whole for the year which is pleasing.

Anyway, this is second 'Next 10'. And check back in a couple of days for another new addition to the ranks!


  1. Sweet they look great progress is progress. From what I've seen there is a great deal of variety in the range so it keeps the interest fresh :D

    1. It is certainly a varied range, and this bunch looks more varied than the last lot - which probably means the next bunch will look all same-y!

      Must introduce you to this game as soon as possible mate. :)


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