Thursday 27 June 2013

Woo Hoo!


I have got one of the harder to get Anima Tactics minis through the post today. Thus far there have been two Limited Edition minis for the line, both variants of existing minis: Khaine D'Lacreu and Celia.

Khaine proved a little easier to acquire, but LE Celia has been commanding high prices for a while now on eBay, and even looking back 2-3 years some similar prices seem to have been paid.

Well today Celia arrived and I have my opportunity to have a truly complete collection.

I may keep a price watch for other who are interested going forwards, but suffice it to say that based on the limited data available from recent sales and some available information on Forums etc, the price range for Celia is typically £85-90 GBP (I got lucky with the price I paid BTW!). This will only happen as and when more info becomes available, but be warned, if you are looking to buy Celia, if you can get a deal below that range, you are probably doing well.

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  1. Nice, I've always been tempted by that LE but could never justify slapping down the cash on it... though I guess I could sell the idea to my other half using the logic that it's just going to get more expensive as time goes on...


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