Monday 29 April 2013

First Games!

Dark and Light Warriors gather
Okay, finally got some games in (hey, it only took slightly over thirteen months!), and so wanted to post some thoughts.

Thanks to my main gaming buddy Rob (of Four Color Super Minis - here) for taking a few shots.

We played 3 games during the day. The first was 100 Levels; the second 200 Levels; and the third, you guessed it, 300 Levels.

Each game after the first introduced something extra, so was probably a wise choice to build up our feel for the game-play.

Game 1 - 100 Levels (Dark vs. Light)
Azriel and Kingsley Warlock vs. Lorenzo Cortes and Drake.

Basic introduction. We got to grips with: characters Actions; Attack mechanics; Innate Abilities; Action Point regeneration; Dodge; Charge; Control Zones; Gnosis; Advantage cards; and movement.

Models move very fast it seems in Anima Tactics compared to some other skirmishes. Therefore even a 4' by 4' board can be crossed quite quickly. It is important to plan use of actions to stock up Action Points when they are most needed.

Victory to me based on having the last model standing. Azriel was  the star unit.

Wissenschaft's Last Stand
Game 2 - 200 Levels (Organization Parties; Church vs. Wissenschaft)
Church: Azriel; Lostaroth Marchosias; Grey; Drake.
Wissenschaft: Lorenzo Cortes; Hiro; Wissenschaft Agent (35 Levels); Dereck Shezzard.

We introduced Organization Parties, although I forgot about my Organization Advantage completely! I have a few ideas to act as a reminder in that regard!

Again victory for me, with Azriel star unit once more.

Wrath of Nature Unleashed
Game 3 - 300 Levels (Organization Parties; Church vs. Wissenschaft)
Church: Azriel; Lostaroth Marchosias (as Optional Leader); Grey; Sarah Reindhold; Elhaym, Maiden of Light (Level 50 Summon)Dereck Shezzard.
Wissenschaft: Lorenzo Cortes; Hiro; Valis Ul Del Vilfain (as Optional Leader); Wrath of Nature; (Level 50 Summon); Wissenschaft Agent (35 Levels); Drake.

We added in Leaders this time, which meant a lot more rules to track, and which makes me think Level 200 games may be better until we have quite a few games under our belts.

We also added in Summons (1 per Party), but ended up making Stability rolls a Round too soon, so we should be okay to remember that properly next time. Wrath of Nature in particular was pretty brutal.

Again I was a bit rubbish at remembering to use my Organizational Advantage.

Rob won this game; he maneuvered his faster units better and played more tactically, so a just result, and one that would have resulted even if I remembered to use my re-rolls.

We both enjoyed playing the game. It probably played faster than I anticipated, even with explaining the rules to Rob, as well as briefly describing the context for thew various miniatures backgrounds.

Seeing Lorenzo knock models flying and follow up with his Dual Buster Action probably was the epitome of the kind of thing we enjoyed.

I enjoyed the games enough to want to play more soon, and of course to want to get more painted.


  1. Looks like you had fun, Best way to learn as well.

    1. Definitely enjoyed playing, and hope to get some more games in sooner than later, and maybe introduce some others to the game... ;)

  2. Wow, the photos are really nice! I wish you posted more of them.

    1. Hopefully we will do a more thorough battle report before too long, with tons of nice pictures. :)

      Thanks for signing up. :)

    2. I know you already posted some pictures of your paintjobs on the forum, but your in-game photos are the best!

    3. Thanks - the in-game shots are by my main gaming buddy Rob. he also did most of the pictures for the Pulp City battle reports I do:

      So when we do an AT battle report, hopefully they will be up to the same standard! :)


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