Thursday 11 April 2013

Small Additions (Pages) And Thanks

Just to let you know that I have been doing a little bit of house-cleaning and re-organizing of the blog, so now there are 'page' tabs at the top, below the blog title.

Those pages link through to brief descriptions of Organizations and Teams and their characters, or Wanderers and Summons on their own pages.

In the mean-time, I notice there are now 16 Followers signed up, so thank you to everyone who has taken time to check out the blog.

In return I promise that  I will continue to add content and post minis as they are painted. So thank you to everyone who has been checking out the Anima Tactician.


  1. Ive recently picked up the rulebook and the Black Sun starter box, finding your blog has been a right result.

    I will be starting painting them very soon, and they are brilliant models!

    1. Thanks Ridmasta; learning the game and line myself, so hopefully my journey can inform and maybe entertain. :)


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