Thursday 2 May 2013

Advantage Cards

One of the Party-building features of Anima Tactics is Advantage Cards, which represent specific upgrades that players can use to tailor their force, meaning that two Parties with the same miniatures could actually play a little differently simply based on the cards chosen.

For regular players, this adds depth. It adds a strategic decision-making element beyond list choice alone. It allows fine-tuning, as Advantage Card Levels are finite, and the number of cards that can be selected is limited.

That depth though, can lead to a bewildering array of options for casual gaming. As a Pulp City player this is a problem we saw with Resources in that game, that the 'cool' add-on may not be casual gamer friendly, especially as some are very text-heavy. That said, arguably a regular player will always have some degree of presumed advantage (no pun intended!) over a casual player since they will be more familiar with a game's nuances and idiosyncrasies.

In all though, I do feel Advantage Cards can provide a fun extra dimension that does not break the game with any kind of auto-win strategy; they are good, but none are that good - there are still tactical decisions to be made as games play out.

A very useful resource for Advantage Cards is the Anima Tactics Oracle: follow this link.

Maybe as I post up more painted minis I will try and post which Advantage Cards I would favour and why; I may even go back to some earlier posts. Stay tuned!

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  1. Much like with the Pulp City resources, with Anima, you figure out after a few games which advantages you like/are worth taking, and after that, it's just a matter or learning how your characters work and which advantages work well with them. A bit of a learning curve, but not too steep.


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