Sunday 31 March 2013

Quick Test Game

I am due to get in my first proper games of Anima Tactics in April, which will be against my main gaming buddy Rob.

Before then I thought I would trial on my own what I plan to use for the first introduction - a simple two on two game pitting Lostaroth Marchosias and Grey against Hiro and Lorenzo.

The game saw some basic Attacks; Charges; Special Actions and Special Abilities being used - all good.


  1. Hiro ready for battle
  2. Lostaroth Marchosias spots Hiro after moving up a hill
  3. Lorenzo successfully Charges Grey and uses up an Energy Token to boost his Attack
  4. Grey loses Life Points and is Thrown back by Lorenzo
  5. Lorenzo follows up against Grey with Dual Buster

I was able to recall the basics that I needed; remembered to use Dodges; got a better feel for Action Points management. All in all pretty successful.

What was evident, and I had a strong inkling about this, was that by Turn 2 at most you should be able to engage Enemy models in base to base.

In only 3 Turns of play I felt comfortable with the basics of the game, and had employed a few different Action types, all of which bodes well for introducing others to the game in time I hope.

Bring on the proper gaming!

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