Thursday 14 March 2013

Team Bella & Aqua

Bella and Aqua form a Team in Anima Tactics. That has certain implications for their use in a Party, for example they count as just a single Wanderer for the purpose of Party-building.

Usually Teams have their rules listed on a dedicated game-card, with special rules gained for taking the Team that apply to one of more models; however for this Team they are incorporated into the cards of both Aqua and Bella. that is because neither can be taken without the other, and all benefits are incorporated into their own rules and the fact that you get 2 units with combat Actions for a mere 60 Levels.

What it appears to me is that it means there are extra opportunities to Activate and Attack. Bella offers versatility, while Aqua offers annoyance and potentially a devastating Charge, or even Charge threat which in itself should be tactically useful, that even if not pulled off correctly, still will only likely lose a Level 15 model.


  1. They look great, I can't help but focus on Bella's assets though in this pic :D

    1. Expect more of the same with Yuki and Genma in the painting queue....


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