Tuesday 29 April 2014

Undead Units

Undead units
Undead units operate differently to many other models in the game. In general terms they are Immune to Poison and Healing States and cannot take Advantage Cards. They are a mix of capability from the cheap (in Levels) Type-005 and Type-004: Hellhound, to more powerful and costly units such as Type-012: Hunter, Raziel Archetypum or Raziel Nk-X. Most are non-unique (with notable exceptions such as Styx).

They are also subject to the Uncontrollable rule which I will look at a bit in a future post.

One aspect of Undead is that as they are generally quite inexpensive to include in a Party, then it is easily possible to outnumber your opponent numerically, which in itself can be an advantage when pulling out Activations and/or Dodges.

It is clear that Black Sun (as the primary purveyors of Undead, as necromantic weapons) are still evolving as an Organization, so it will be interesting to see if any more non-unique Undead units appear, as right now they have 7 different non-unique options.


  1. I must admit as a faction they do look and sound awesome. It will be interesting to see if they get any new additions.

    1. Well, when we sort out some gaming, you are welcome to try them out. :)


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