Saturday 26 April 2014

100th Post

Just over two years ago, this blog started. Not my first (or even my second!) minis blog, but recently the one that has seen most activity. And hitting the 100 post milestone I thought it was time to do a quick 'reflections post'.

The Why Of Anima Tactician
I had been vaguely aware of Anima Tactics for a few years, but without any real understanding of its pitch. I then picked up a few minis relatively inexpensively, and after grabbing the hardcover book I was hooked: the tone, the character archetypes, and some of the underlying game mechanisms all screamed 'Japanese rpgs' as influences - resistance was of course futile (but that would be another game wouldn't it...?).

I already had my general hobby blog (here) and my Pulp City blog (Pulp Citizen - here), and it was the latter that informed the creation of Anima Tactician. I set out to paint at least one of every Pulp City mini (a great game by the way!). Currently I am around 90-95% towards that target. I had the crazy thought that I should do the same with another range, and so a several year project was born. Unfortunately it took around eight to nine months to get any real starting momentum....

By The Numbers
At the time of writing this post, the blog has had over 17,000 hits. It has 24 Followers. There have been 199 comments (thanks guys!). I have painted and posted 52 units comprising 50 discrete sculpts. There has been 1 battle report.

The Future
I am steadily working through the painting backlog, which does continue to grow - two more duplicate minis arrived this week after my last post...). My current estimate is approximately 3 years to paint what I have remaining and currently on order. If I can increase my average beyond 3 per month, that could be sooner.

I want to get more games in, and I want to do more  battle reports time permitting.

I would love to see Anima Tactics get decent UK distribution, and some traction within the UK hobby community.

Finally, I want to see the blog carry on, with a mix of newly painted units, as well as maybe some of the game mechanic features. But most of all, I would love readers to interact more with comments, so please feel free to do so.

You The Reader!
Thanks to everyone who has taken time to visit and read, and especially sign up as Followers. I look forwards to the next 100 posts!


  1. Congratulations on the milestone!

    1. Thanks very much!

      Before I managed to get some painting momentum on the project, 100 posts seemed unlikely, so having sustained some painting traction, things have been heading in the right direction! I reckon that by post #200, I could be up to somewhere around 100-110 painted units, and if so, *that* would be very pleasing! :D

  2. Congratulation for this 100th post!


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