Friday 18 April 2014

The Next 10 (5)

A real slow-down in the last few months in my Anima Tactics painting. It took me two months to crank out units #'s 31 to 40, but close to four months to paint up #'s 41 (Sho) to 50 (Janiel). I guess momentum will wax and wane, and painting nothing at all in February certainly did not help!

Janiel rounded out this batch, and as she has been hanging around for a while (she was undercoated black, which tells me she was under-coated a long while ago as I have almost entirely stopped using black for undercoating), I was very glad she is done and out of the way so to speak.

Black Sun have seen most new additions along with Wissenschaft, with a mix of odd units here and there for the rest. I think my favourite paint-jobs of this batch are either XII or Arkham, with Kira and Sho closely behind.

Looking forward, if I manage to maintain my current rate of progress, I think 3 years is a realistic target to get everything I have for Anima Tactics painted. That said, I could probably do with a surge of painting across a single month in the near future to help me toward my goal, and I would love to get into the Gears and some more of the larger units I have. And having 6 more units incoming from various online orders does not help shorten the goal-line....


  1. They all look great mate and they are all adding to the total!

    1. Cheers mate. Getting there slowly but surely. Very lowly that is! :)


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