Monday 13 October 2014


Figure 1
Arbiters are an unusual class of units. Initially limited to Azur, since last year other Organization Parties have access to Arbiter benefits through Mijhail Mashen'ka.

Arbiters offer a small extra resource to their Parties. Each Turn they receive 3 Order Points, and each Arbiter has 3 or 4 Orders to choose from. Each Order uses between 1 and 3 Order Points, and each Arbiter has a different suite of orders they can use, although some Orders are common to two or more of them.

Orders may be a small extra 2 inch move (Motum), or a free hand to hand Attack (Opugnis; very useful for units with hard-hitting Basic Attacks). All Arbiters so far have one or both of these Orders available to them.

Figure 1: In a Party including Team Les Jaeger, The Colonel becomes an Arbiter. The Colonel uses Opugnis on Maximo Ligori who has already Activated earlier in this Turn; Maximo Ligori can now make a free Attack on Sho

Orders are used when the Arbiter Activates, so it is important think ahead to get the best out of them; in the example above it would be more helpful if The Colonel was better positioned to Attack or Charge Sho or Janus Faith; but then again, that kind of planning ahead is true of any good strategy game isn't it?


  1. Interesting. I have to think how you'll react if something unexpected scuppers you if you plan to much though.

    1. Exactly. Some things are predictable though, in that most models if not all may only activate once per Turn, so working out the sequence is important.

      In the above example, assume Sho Charged Maximo (the big guy); Maximo survives, but did something else earlier in the Turn (maybe taking out another model). The Colonel would be best off of shifting position to use his ranged Attack (probably on Janus Faith), and then using the Order.


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