Friday 3 January 2014

Empire Party

I finally have 5 Empire units finished after Sho was recently completed. With the price updates, and assuming a maximum Level Empire Agent, this Party would only come to 215 Levels, so would still need something like Cenette and Drake (as Team The Condemned Lovers) or Kagemaru and a 25-30 Level Dark Summon to be legally fielded as a 300 Level Organization Party.

In a nutshell then, it is quite a limited selection, and the number and choice of units probably needs to be expanded if I am to get best use out of Empire; but then we have only really played Church and Wissenschaft so far, so time will tell on that front. Still, hopefully I will get a game or two in with them before too long.


  1. Another great looking faction. I have to admit its really nice to see the individual figures in there faction groups you can appreciate them more. Great work buddy!

    1. Cheers mate; I am sure you are right that it does help - I just can't focus on a single faction (or game) long enough to do one faction at a time, so dribs and drabs until the there is enough for a group shot! :)


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