Saturday 24 March 2012


Something I started with my Pulp City stuff was using resin bases. Over time I started to be more selective and specific in matching certain base styles to certain models, although overall a bit of a random selection has been used I guess. Through it all the same grey colour has been used meaning that the bases may look more cohesive as a result. That grey colour will carry over to here.

Learning from that, I chose specific base styles for each Organization (Organizations are basically cohesive forces with a common background, and there are Wanderers who belong to no specific Organisation; the Factions cover the 3 affinities in the game - Light, Dark and Neutral; the Factions/affinities are represented through all of the Organisations - there are no all-good or all-bad guys here.

Consequently I settled on basing according to Organization for the most part, treating Wanderers as a single group here. Summons are supernatural creatures invoked by Summoners who manifest only temporarily in the material worl; for them I have decided to follow the basing for certain Organisations.

Bases Styles
1. Azur - a nascent empire that is emerging to rival the long-standing power of Abel; bases are 'Stone floor' by Dragon Forge, chosen as I thought it helps represent the sense of order and newness I can see with Azur.
2. Wissenschaft - this secretive Organization is constantly researching and discovering; these cobblestone bases (Fenris) should give a more modern feel than the other choices.
3. Samael - a secret society of supernatural entities, banded together against the hostility of much of the human world; I chose a slate/rocks style to represent a more nature-themed force (this base Model Display Products; I am also using some Micro Arts Studio bases).
4. Abel - the declining empire of Abel, pressed on many sides; I chose Dragon Forge's Ancient City Ruins to refelct an Organization that is steeped in history and has seen better days.
5. The Church - intrinsically linked with Abel, but an influential Organization in its own right, and within its duties chooses to hunt the supernatural; I went for an irregular stone-work style to make them look older than the Azur, and the base shown is Dragon Forge's Square Cut Slate, but I am also mixing some similar Fenris bases in as well.
6. Black Sun - a corporation secretly dealing with supernatural artefacts, and in particular necromantic weapons; Broken Wasteland bases by Dragon Forge just seemed to fit best suggesting ruin.
7. Wanderers - not an Organisation, but the name attached to those outside of the major Organisations; I chose Forgotten Empires by Dragon Forge since they have an exotic almost alien feel, and so will stand out against the rest.

Light Summons - will be as the Church (Square Cut Slate).
Neutral Summons - will be as Wanderers (Forgotten Empires).
Dark Summons - will be as Samael (slate style).


  1. Interesting. I didn't know Dragon Forge and their resin bases. And you choose nice bases style for your miniatures.
    I hope you will continue to write on this blog.

    Friendly yours.

  2. Thanks. I hope to be pretty prolific - stay tuned! :)


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