Friday 23 March 2012

First Batch Of Minis Prepped

Okay, Anima Tactics could be a real obsession for me. If any one reading this has followed my Pulp City-related blog (Pulp Citizen), then you may be aware that I have taken a completist approach to collecting and painting that range. Anima Tactics could be next in line.

While I doubt I will immerse myself in AT quite as fully as with Pulp City (not least that I am part of the Pulp City Games Development Team), I hope to make real in-roads into the collection of minis I have already amassed for this game. Thankfully the rate of release by Cipher studios seems pretty slow - so that should synchronize well with my general speed of painting then!

I have a lot to learn about the Anima Tactics setting, game and mythology, although I have read the lavish hardback rule-book cover to cover a couple of times already. So this blog will chart my foray into this line, setting and game.

The first batch of minis has been prepped and can be seen below. These have not been selected for any other reason than most are only single or two-part, and give me a cross-section of design types to choose from.

The minis are:
1. Genma - Neutral Samael Mystic; Summoner.
2. Grey - Light Church Warrior.
3. Covel - Neutral Samael Optional Leader Mystic; Summoner.
4. Dereck Shezard - Neutral Wanderer Warrior; the latest Godkiller.
5. Dark Cheshire - Dark Samael Warrior.
6. Akio Kageshima - Neutral Wanderer Mystic.
7. Bael - Dark Samael Mystic.
8. Hiro - Light Wissenschaft Warrior; "Ranger Avenger".
9. Kingsley Warlock - Dark Black Sun Warrior Mystic Controller.

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