Monday 16 April 2012

Until Some (AT) Painting Gets Finished...

...I have been trying to immerse myself in the Anima setting to an extent that fits with my general current gaming focus.

Newcomers to the Anima collection of games like myself may be unfamiliar with how the range is set-up, but in a nushell there is Anima: Tactics (Tabletop skirmish game), Anima: Shadow of Omega and its expansions (a non-collectible card game) and Anima: Beyond Fantasy (the RPG game). While I guess the latter will have tons of depth and breadth in terms of setting material, it quite frankly isn't on my radar of interest due to other game commitments. That leaves Anima: Tactics of course, and the card-based games. Since my Thursday night gaming group diverts into different board and card games every so often, then the card game is a perfect fit.

I received the core box today and it is a nice little package (and may see some play on the way to Salute on Saturday!). Produced by FFG, the production values are up to the standards I have come to expect from that company. The card art is varied but nice, and the text on each is clear (whether it is 'gaming-clear' will be seen!). And just in putting some into sleeves I noticed the odd tip of the hat to Final Fantasy VII (certainly an obvious influence on Anima), with a Zeppelin Voyage card (a tip of the hat to the High Wind from FF VII) as just one example. It is a compact box with plenty of cards, some basic tokens and a few dice; nicely sized for travelling with and even with expansions should be eminently portable.

I will post more about the game when I have a game or two under my belt.

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