Wednesday 16 October 2013

Team The Condemned Lovers

My second Team, although perhaps my first team proper (as a group of units that can be taken separately, as opposed to Bella and Aqua who must be used together if at all).

Drake and Cenette form The Condemned Lovers, he a vagabond warrior, she a princess and master fencer with angel blood in her veins.

There is a lot of interconnectivity in the backgrounds of the various Anima Tactics characters, and Teams possibly exemplify that above all else when it comes to the tabletop; there is usually a game-play bonus for each member for taking a Team. Those benefits for The Condemned Lovers are primarily built around what happens to the survivor when either Drake or Cenette is lost as a casualty - Drake in particular stacks on a lot of positive States, while Cenette can sacrifice herself, potentially saving Drake to stacks those aforementioned benefits.

The cost is that to take a Team usually requires use of an Advantage Card slot as well as the Level cost of the Team card (Team The Condemned Lovers is 5 Levels for example; so not too expensive by any stretch).

There is one other benefit that comes for a Team - they only count as one Wanderer if used in an Organization Party, useful for filling out the ranks with what is likely to be an effective sub-Party.

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