Wednesday 21 May 2014

Anima Gate of Memories: Extended Campaign (Kickstarter)

Sorry for no new minis in recent weeks - as part of the Pulp Monsters crew have all been super busy as we work towards delivery of the Pulp City SE Kickstarter.

On to the reason to posting then! Of potential interest to Anima Tactics fans is this top-up Kickstarter campaign for a related video game, set in the same game world.

What may be most interesting is that the campaign has a couple of exclusive minis available, however the pledge to get one of those is very, very high.

The Bearer is only available at £300 pledges and above, really limiting its availability. Looking at the original campaign I count only 42 qualifying pledges from then, and currently 6 so far from the extended campaign.

The Nameless is a limited edition add-on limited to two per backer at pledges of £50 and above. Impossible to be accurately speculate the volume of these that will be 'out there'.

Anima Gate of Memories: Extended Campaign -- Kicktraq Mini

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