Tuesday 20 May 2014

My Anima Tactics Tokens

States and other tracked resources and abilities
I had these produced by the good folks at Warbases, and as I am pretty chuffed with them, I thought I would show them off, and explain what I had made and why.

The small round tokens are to represent States; simply stack the requisite number of Levels of a State in tokens and it makes it easy to track.

The square tokens (bottom row) are stuff that may be useful to have reminders:

  • Hidden tokens for when a character has used Stealth, especially if a few units are eligible to do so but not all are Hidden.
  • Faith tokens to track the benefits of the Church Unshakable Faith Organizational Advantage.
  • Guidance tokens are simply to help track expenditure of Guidance Points; simples.

Organizational Advantage tokens
Finally, the tokens in the bottom picture are reminders of the the different Organizational Advantages. Warbases kindly did some in purple which allowed the set to kind of match the colour motifs I have adopted for the different Organizations.

The tokens are certainly not essential nor required, and in most games only a very small number would be used, I just like having stuff like this for tracking things in game.


  1. I must admit reading about all the bluffs and bonuses that can be applied these certainly would come in handy!

    1. I want to get you to give this a try - I will supply the forces and venue mate! :)


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