Thursday 19 March 2015

Team Les Jaeger

My first three Teams were finished within less than twelve months, and the fourth...has arrived over twelve months after the third. <sigh>.

So far the only Team comprising 4 units - The Colonel, Reindhold, Kirsten and KylerTeam Les Jaeger is one of 3 Team options for the Azur Alliance. Despite having more members than most other Teams, this one only comes in at 165 Levels, meaning that fielding 2-4 additional units in a 300 Level game is very feasible, especially with the discount that Azur can take on Prowlers (knocking 10 Levels off the Team cost).

Forming Team Les Jaeger turns The Colonel into a sort-of Arbiter, able to give Orders (small extra Actions) to the Team at no AP cost. So while many other Teams feature individual benefits for specific members, this one is dependent on The Colonel to buff the rest of the Team.

I haven't used Azur yet in any significant size of game, but now I feel I have enough to make a decent game of it with them (possibly bolstered by Wanderers Kagemaru and a Shinobi or two), so hopefully in the next few months Team Les Jaeger will make it to the table.


  1. Look great! These were some of the first minis I picked up for the game. While never playing them I just had to paint them. Love your blog!

    1. Hi Robert. Thank you very much for the very kind words.

      The blog has been helpful in making me have progress with my project to paint the whole range, and so could be a journey of several years - I hope you stay around for the long haul! :)


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