Sunday 16 December 2012

Kingsley Warlock

Two Anima Tactics minis finished in 8 days? I am on a roll now - expect it to come crashing to an ignominious halt very soon no doubt!

Kingsley Warlock was started way before Dereck Shezard, but I stalled, mainly as I was struggling with the sword. NMM is still beyond me, but I like the final effect, and prefer it to regular metallics since I am not a fan of metallic paints. I find the changing of water and brushes etc too much of a chore.

As I say, I started this one quite a way back but stalled on the sword, which meant stalling on a few other bits as well, but once I repainted the sword, the remaining parts came together.

I really like the Kingsley Warlock mini; from the style (from the suit and long-coat matched with funky belt and shoes to the freaking huge sword).

For those that do not know Anima Tactics, all models have a class or role; well Kingsley Warlock occupies several of those (Controller - relates to Undead; Mystic; Warrior), meaning he is probably less effective than many mono-class counterparts. That said, I have yet to play the game so who knows! But what I do know is I need to get some of my other Black Sun Undead models painted soon. Being all of those classes opens up many, many choices in Advantage cards, since a lot are tied to classes. I am sure I will blog a bit about Advanatge cards at some point in the future.

Kingsley Warlock is Dark Faction too, and that means he can be played with other Dark and/or Neutral models outside of an Organization (Black Sun) list.

I have noticed that I go through phases in terms of the colour palette I use for minis, and the last two are no exception, with their dark hues. In the Anima Tactics minis pipeline I have Hiro (some commonalities with the palette of the first two, with added purple flourish); Genma (dark green and pale grey as key colours); Grey (who will be mainly, well, grey, with white contrast); and a Shinobi (dark palette again, dark blue as the main colour base).

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