Monday 4 November 2013

Morrigan WiP (Project Log)

This has been an incredible pain to assemble. I suspect I have made as many as 10 previously unsuccessful attempts to get it to stick together, and finally I have achieved assembly! I have had this since April (a birthday present from my lovely wife), and have been trying to get it ready for painting for the past 6 months, and today it is finally undercoated.

One of the big issues for me is the restrictive base size; trying to fit this thing onto the official sized base was a huge problem, which ultimately I decided to circumvent by having it rearing. I honestly believe a 60 mm base would have been a much better option.

As this is a bigger model, I plan to to do a little bit of a 'project log' until it is finished. It will be the kind of model that I do bits and pieces of until finished (which is how I went about completing Giant Hadron for Pulp City). Hopefully I can get this finished before too long, and hopefully also remember to log how I get on!


  1. Wow it is an impressive miniature though. Is it metal or Resin?

    1. Metal alas; hence being a b*****r to put together!

      Around 3.5-4 inches to the top of her head.

    2. Wow I bet that weighs a fair bit then.

    3. Yep! I daresay one game with her when painted, then back into the cabinet forever more!


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