Friday 13 June 2014

Some Information From Anima Studios

Special Celia model
Not a mini this time (but after finishing Lilian Virgil, I have made some progress on a unit that has been part-done for quite some time, as well as a couple of other units), instead time for a quick summary of some information revealed when Carlos B. Garcia (Anima Studios aka AS below) recently conducted a question and answer session on reddit.

The session was focused on the whole gamut of Anima Studios projects (the Gate of Memories video game, the rpg, card games and minis game), but I thought I would pull together some of the questions and answers relating to Anima Tactics in particular.

Stuff Revealed:
In response to perceived game imbalance between Organizations, AS does not feel this is the case, but does state there will be another addendum ‘very soon’, which will affect Abilities as well as Levels.

Besides The Bearer, Ergo Mundus and Nameless, there will be another unnamed character translated from the video game (Gate of Memories) into the minis game.

AS hopes that the next Anima Tactics book will be out in 2015.

Iosara (Empire - I have not yet painted this unit) is a deliberately androgynous character; his / her current body is genderless.

The leaked ‘Celia’ miniature is a ‘secret’ for now. (see picture).
Note that a former Cipher Free Agent has suggested elsewhere that the Celia model in the picture was planned for a special project that did not happen. There has been speculation for a while that Cipher are planning an Anima Tactics Kickstarter; could that be the case and could this mini be involved?

There are no plans for more Organizations at present, but Tol Rauko will be added at a later time, after the next book.

Aeons (very powerful Summons) will be covered in the next Anima Tactics book, and Void Summons will be in the next book also.

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