Thursday 19 June 2014

Some Recent Gaming

Well, after a while I managed to get some Anima Tactics gaming in over the past two days, reminding me that I really do love this game a lot!

Day 1: Two Games
A couple of games were to introduce fellow blogger Simon to the game; we won one, lost one each. There was a little rules-rustiness on my part while teaching Simon, but things were hopefully fairly smooth and the essentials were there, about positioning and managing AP to make best use of Actions to attack your enemy.

My Black Sun had their first outing too (used by Simon while I fielded Church to give Alis Testarossa a run out), and they were brutal. Immediately I have a healthy respect for even a couple of the rank and file Type-005's (with Assault upgrade) buffed by a Type-009 (upgraded to Type-010: Commander) with Elite Squadron Advantage Card. Raziel Archetypum is a bit of a brute.

Day 2: Two Games
Black Sun vs. Wissenschaft (300 levels) followed by Church vs. Wissenschaft (also 300 levels). I won the first with Black Sun and lost the second with Church (Rob played Wissenschaft both times).

Moments of the day were the Type-009 using Implosion to devastating effect against Team Assault Group (taking out XII and injuring Lorenzo). In the next game Alessa Raincross laying down deadly fire with her Dark Sniper Action provided iconic moments, as did Kira doing hit and run with Impure Shot and Valkyrie, while Rayne managed to unleash Never Ending Illusions to whittle Azriel into submission.

I now have a healthy respect for Stealth units able to attack at far range after Alessa Raincross ruthlessly took care of Lostaroth Marchosias just as he was powering through his Slaughter Token build-up.

After the games against Rob, I feel Black Sun need a unit to make choosing a 300 level party less reliant on taking both Arkham and Kingsley Warlock, and for my Church, they need some harder hitting options too. I also want to start getting a few more units painted for all Organizations that are 25 Life Points and above (where available!) as they add a different aspect to the game. Units that fit the bill would be Macbeth (Empire)Maria (Church)Konosuke or Morrigan (Samael) and my first Gear for Wissenschaft.

Thanks to Simon and to Rob for the games, and to Rob for the pictures. Hopefully I will get more gaming in this year, not just for Anima Tactics, but for a variety of games.


  1. Thoroughly enjoyed it and thanks again for being such a gracious host!

    It has opened my eyes some what to a different style of game. I really enjoyed the action point side of it. What takes a little getting used to but not much adds such a lot more of a tactical side to the game than your normal every body moves then shoot etc etc type game.

    1. The Euro-style small skirmish is certainly a far cry from the GW-inspired approach a lot British games in particular take.

      I am not knocking those GW legacy games, they have their fans, but there are certainly other ways of presenting a game. :)


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