Sunday 15 June 2014

Interview With Carlos B. Garcia (Anima Studios/Anima: Gate of Memories)

Carlos B. Garcia is the man behind Anima Studios and the Anima raft of games (including Anima Tactics). He recently launched the Anima Gate of Memories: Extended Campaign on Kickstarter, as a supplement to the original Anima: Gate of Memories Kickstarter campaign.
As the Anima Gate of Memories: Extended Campaign heads into its final days, Carlos kindly answered some questions on reddit (see here for key answers relating to Anima Tactics), and agreed to answer some questions posed by the Anima Tactician - read on!

1. Hi Carlos; can you say when you first started work on the very first concepts for the Anima project?

I think that I started the concept of Gate of Memories about five years ago, when I began to imagine how would be to bring the world of Gaïa to videogames.

2. What have been your main influences on the world design for Gaia?

There are so many influences that I really don’t know where to start. I think that I could say that my original inspiration was Final Fantasy VI and Berserk from Kentarou Miura, but with the years there are too many things to start a real list.

3. Anima covers a number of gaming platforms; how did that decision take place?

Because I really wanted that everybody, regardless the platform they own, could have fun with Gate of Memories and enjoy its story.

4. Gate of Memories had a successful Kickstarter campaign; what prompted the decision to have the second ‘top up’ campaign?

We were able to do the game, and we were really happy with the results so far, but there was so many additional things that we wanted to tell you and we couldn't due to our budget constraints…
When we understood that, after having the whole base done, we just needed a little more to finish it, we decided to start a second campaign to make Gate of Memories even better, a gaming experience that everyone could enjoy.

5. Is there one thing you are most proud of in Gate of Memories?

I think that my favourite part of the game is the combat and the personalization of the skills. With only three people developing it, I am really proud of what we have done so far.

6. Do you have any expectations of what fans of the different Anima games will enjoy most in Gate of Memories?

I hope that they will enjoy the whole game, but in special its storyline.

7. How have you been finding running this Kickstarter?

As always, doing a Kickstarter is a unique experience; you meet wonderful people who really support you.

8. Is this Kickstarter different to the last experience?

Yes; but I think that it is due to the fact that it is a second campaign; that teaches you a lot of things about what you must do.

9. What is the greatest lesson that the whole Anima project has taught you?

Having people who love your stories and works is the most wonderful experience in the world.

10. Finally, as this is a blog focused on Anima Tactics, is there one Anima Tactics secret or future plan that you could reveal to readers?

Very soon you will have a wonderful surprise in AT. Have a little patience.

Thanks very much to Carlos for taking time to answer the questions.

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