Saturday 28 June 2014


Genma can have up to 3 Summons
One of my favourite aspects of the Anima Tactics game is Summoning. For those not too familiar with the game, some creatures can be Summoned temporarily to the battlefield.

The advantage of doing so is their (Summons) relative cost is less than it may otherwise be, with the trade-offs being they are time-bound for how long they will appear, and that they have to be Summoned - both of which can be mitigated (more later).

A Summoner has a Summoner Level (usually 1-3), which limits the number of Summons it can call on during the game.
The Container Advantage Card increases Summoner Level by one.
Each Summon has a cost, in Action Points (AP) that the Summoner spends as an Action to bring them into play.
Valis Ul Del Vilfain can Summon for free if she is contact with an enemy.
Belith reduces the cost of one her Summons by one.
Covel reduces the cost of his Summons by one to a minimum of one. 
When a Summon arrives, it is placed within the Summoner's Control Zone (CZ's are usually 8 inches) has its normal recovery value in AP (usually 2-3 AP).
Covel's CZ is 12 inches for Summoning.
Summons arrive with Bind Points (usually 1-2).
The Familiar Advantage Card allows one Summon to appear with an additional Bind Point.

At the start of each Upkeep Phase (so at the start of the Turn following the Turn when the creature is Summoned), the Summon loses 1 Bind Point.
Genma can add Bind Points to friendly Summons and remove then from enemy Summons.
If a Summon has no more Bind Points and is in the Summoner's CZ, the Summoner can make a Stability Roll to see if it stays, otherwise it is removed.
The Seal of Bones Advantage Card adds +1 to Stability Rolls.

Summon Death
A Summon that is 'killed' causes a Shock check (but not Summons lost to Stability Rolls).
Covel as Optional Leader is effectively immune to Shock checks.

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