Sunday 23 March 2014

Black Sun Party (Update I)

Well, with 3 more Black Sun units than the last post had, I thought it time for an update.

If I was making a Party out of this group, I would take all except Styx. The list would be:

That makes 290 Levels of units, so not an 'efficient' list. Elite Squadron would be a must have Advantage Card, along with Power Source, and most likely Supernatural Weapon (Clover) and Piercing Weapon (Kingsley Warlock). 

More likely I think I need to rethink and replace units, maybe dropping one of the Type-005's or the Type-004: Hellhound, perhaps swapping one of them for Arkham or a Level 35 Type-020: Verrier. Or perhaps dropping Kingsley Warlock and taking a Level 55 Raziel Archetypum. I suspect that I really need more choices to make the best use of the cheap grunts.


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    1. Thanks mate.

      I actually finished another mini for this organisation just a day or so after this pic; oh well. :)


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